Day of Forgiveness

Posted on 08 July 2015


There is no better time to heal broken bonds than the day of Eid Al-Fitr. On this blessed day, we are asked to forgive and forget our past wrongdoings so that we may begin anew. We at Älska sincerely offer you a selection of precious pieces from all over the world, with the humble hopes that one of them may become the token of a rekindled bond on the holy day of Eid.



The art of giving comes in many languages. Perhaps your preferred language is to adorn someone's home with pieces of personal sentimentality. A Banjara beaded tapestry can be a colourful beginning to a new chapter in a renewed friendship. Artfully painted dinnerware will bring smiles to the faces of the ones you love, bringing thoughts of you each time they dine.



A basket beaded with love, ready to fill with memories or pillows with lively details to soothe your weary beloved. A home is the heart of someone's life, which corner will you choose to adorn with a gift from your own heart? Or perhaps you prefer the much more intimate language of adorning the persons themselves. In which case, elegant stone jewellery or the gentle perfume of Turkish olive oil soaps can be the ones to deliver your good intentions to your cherished ones.



Whichever gift you choose to be the sweet touch to your Eid Al-Fitr, we at Älska are honored to share your festive day with you. You are more than welcome to peruse our entire selection of lovingly handpicked gifts in our shop. From us to you, because we love you. Always.

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