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Posted on 25 August 2015

Her name is Dylan, a photographer with an insatiable thirst for wonder. Always on the lookout for real, unpolished moments to capture with her lens. A beguiling maven with a singing voice that lingers in the hearts of her listeners like the final rays of sunset. Read our insightful chat with the one and the only, Älska's August muse.

You are a master of many trades, but what was the first thing that drew you into photography?

  • Capturing moments. I love experimenting with different cameras, every single one gives a completely different effect. Especially with analog cameras, the element of surprise is addicting, sometimes you get a really good roll and sometimes it comes out all burnt. It's all a learning process.

You mentioned that you sing as well, what do you feel most comfortable singing for and what kind of songs do you love to sing?

  • Television commercials, or soundtracks for example. I'd like to sing for movies one day. I have little interest to be the frontwoman vocalist in a band, I'm actually a very shy person. I prefer to sing without showing my face, even to be anonymous, I'd like people to appreciate just my voice. I love to sing dreamy, out of this world, falsetto songs like Sigur Ros, Cocteau Twins, Bjork, music that gives you the feels and endless goosebumps.

Who inspires you, in terms of music, photography, and way of living?

  • Movies inspire me big time. Traveling, as well as my friends. People around me affect me, therefore I like to surround myself with creative and positive human beings.

What is your biggest dream?

  • I'm rarely satisfied with my work. I'm currently seeking what I like to photograph the most. People are obviously my favorite subject to shoot, but I'm starting to realize that fashion is not my forte, maybe something raw and gritty like photographic journalism. Once I find it, then I will be content. All I seek in life is happiness, balance, and success, but not fame. I don't understand most people's obsession to be famous.

In your opinion, have you done something that is bringing you one step closer to making that dream come true?

  • I'm incredibly impulsive, I moved to Singapore and then New York City all alone when I was 19 and I didn't know anyone. I went through hard times, sleeping at one friend's couch to another, it was scary at first but I enjoyed every bit of it. I like the challenge. I've come to think that the ability to survive completely on your own is a blessing. I don't think everyone can do it, but I highly recommend it. Just be brave, if you want something, do it. You shouldn't be afraid to fail, it's the stepping stone to get what you want. Also, networking is key. I love meeting new people, new creatives to collaborate with. So many talented people out there, I really need to update my blog Extraordinary Earthlings.

Who do you think you were in a past life?

  • I often have vivid dreams, strangely my dreams somehow connect to one another, like I once dreamed of this place and a week or a month later I dream of that place again but it's a continuation of the previous dream, so weird and I'm obsessed. I once dreamed that I was a Chinese Princess or Prince so maybe I was that. I believe in reincarnation. One thing's for sure, I think in one of my past life times I might have died from drowning because now I'm deathly afraid of water.

We noticed that you seem to have a yearning for travel, where are the places that mean the most to you?

  • I'm currently in Vietnam as I'm writing this. We are in love! My husband and I might consider moving here.

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You have an adorable kitten named Sticker. Tell us about him!

  • My husband and I just left a coffee shop in Jakarta and as we were walking home, he spotted an itty bitty little baby kitten and I just squealed! I picked him up, we stared at each other and the rest is history. I gave my husband my "can I keep him" puppy eyes, he reluctantly said okay and we took a Bajaj home. He's our baby now, I love my fur ball so much. In my family, I'm notorious for picking up stray cats and dogs and taking them home. I've been doing that since I was very little. Stray animals have never known love before, therefore if you give them love and affection, you will feel so much love from them in return. Don't buy animals, please adopt one if you can.

If you are given a free pass to go absolutely anywhere in the world for as long as you like, where will you go?

  • At first I would say Europe, because I've never been there. Berlin would be my first choice to visit, but if I can only choose one, I'd explore Indonesia!


  • Our country is beautiful. I'd go island hopping, get lost, and have one hell of a great time. I'm proud to be Indonesian and I will never let go of my Indonesian passport, ever.

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