Take a journey with #alskagoindigo to a world of traditional indigo textile culture. 
There has never been another color as powerful, mysterious and with the cultural history as ancient as Indigo. The Indigo dye has been used for thousands of years by civilizations all over the world to naturally tint the textiles with the lovely clear skies blue to the mezmerizing midnight ocean violet. 
Using Indigofera plants and a resist technique such as shibori or batik, the indigo artisans all over the globe create countless blue and white patterns with timeless appeal.
#Alskagoindigo explores many countries to learn the history of and to source indigo textile craft from Japan, China, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Africa.
Your Indigo piece is one of a kind, timeless and handmade with love and your purchase will benefit and empower the traditional Indigo artisans.

Bai Indigo Cotton Tapestry


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