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Antalya Kilim

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Anatolian (Turkish) Kilims are the best known and most highly regarded kilims. These kilims are traditionally distinguished by the areas, villages or cities in which they are produced, such as Konya, Malatya, Karapinar and Hotamis. Most Anatolian kilims are slit woven. Larger antique kilims were woven in two to three separate sections on small nomadic horizontal floor looms in three feet wide long strips, then carefully sewn together matching the patterns edges to create an ultimately wider rug. For many millennia the colour were obtained only from natural dye sources, such as plants and minerals.

To clean, wash with soft natural soap or baby shampoo, rinsed with cold water only and left to dry in the shade.
If the colours on your rug were slightly dull add a cap of vinegar to the final rinse to bring back the shine and lustre back to the wool. When fully dry brush the pile with a very soft bristle brush to again bring up the shine. 
When stained : During cleaning refrain from rubbing the carpet knots in the reverse direction of the pile. Gentle sponging is always preferable. Take care not to wet the whole carpet but just the area and small surrounds of the stain. Never use any chemicals on any carpets, including ammonia.
  • Size : 106 x 120 cm
  • Material : Wool on wool
  • Turkey

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