• Turquoise Anatolia Teacup + Saucer

Turquoise Anatolia Teacup + Saucer

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Handmade by local artisans from Iznik, where the world's only "ceramic" produced out of quartz. Iznik tiles inspire admiration and mystery due to its centuries old techniques of three layers of quartz, a marvel of ancient technology and extremely difficulty in ceramic literature. Further, the colors used are inspired by the colors of semi-precious stones such as Coral's Red, Malachite green or Turquoise and the deep blue of lapis lazuli. Designs not only reflect allegorical and symbolic value patterns, but also reflects flora and fauna. Geometric designs reflect celestial and a reflection of cosmic thoughts.

  • Size : 8,5 cm height, 11 cm platter diameter
  • Material : Ceramic


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